Automatically find movies you want to watch

Awesome PVR for usenet and torrents. Just fill in what you want to see and CouchPotato will add it to your "want to watch"-list. Every day it will search through multiple sources, looking for the best possible match. If available, it will send it using your favorite download software.

Latest version: 3.0.1 - Changelog

Keep a list of what you want to watch

Just add it and it will be downloaded once it is available. You don't have to keep track yourself, it's all fully automated!

Customized to your liking

Set the download quality, your favorite search engine, favorite release groups and more.

Sit back and wait

Once downloaded, it's renamed and moved to your movie folder.

Super easy

It will message you on your favorite network that it's ready to watch.

So... you feel like running from source?

If you are using a NAS, run a server or just want to use the bleeding edge, this option is for you.
You’ll need Python, GIT and some experience in terminal.

  • Install Python 2.7
  • Then install PyWin32 2.7 and GIT
  • If you come and ask on the forums 'why directory selection no work?', I will kill a kitten, also this is because you need PyWin32
  • Open up Git Bash (or CMD) and go to the folder you want to install CP. Something like Program Files.
  • Run git clone
  • You can now start CP via CouchPotatoServer\ to start
  • Your browser should open up, but if it doesn't go to: http://localhost:5050/
  • If you're on Leopard (10.5) install Python 2.7+: Python 2.7.10
  • Install GIT
  • Open up Terminal
  • Go to your App folder cd /Applications
  • Run git clone
  • Then do python CouchPotatoServer/
  • Your browser should open up, but if it doesn't go to: http://localhost:5050/
  • Install GIT with apt-get install git-core
  • 'cd' to the folder of your choosing.
  • Run git clone
  • Then do python CouchPotatoServer/ to start
  • To run on boot copy the init script. sudo cp CouchPotatoServer/init/ubuntu /etc/init.d/couchpotato
  • Change the paths inside the init script. sudo nano /etc/init.d/couchpotato
  • Make it executable. sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/couchpotato
  • Add it to defaults. sudo update-rc.d couchpotato defaults
  • Open your browser and go to: http://localhost:5050/
  • Become root with su
  • Update your repo catalog pkg update
  • Install required tools pkg install python py27-sqlite3 fpc-libcurl docbook-xml git-lite
  • For default install location and running as root cd /usr/local
  • If running as root, expects python here ln -s /usr/local/bin/python /usr/bin/python
  • Run git clone
  • Copy the startup script cp CouchPotatoServer/init/freebsd /usr/local/etc/rc.d/couchpotato
  • Make startup script executable chmod 555 /usr/local/etc/rc.d/couchpotato
  • Add startup to boot echo 'couchpotato_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf
  • Read the options at the top of more /usr/local/etc/rc.d/couchpotato
  • If not default install, specify options with startup flags in ee /etc/rc.conf
  • Finally, service couchpotato start
  • Open your browser and go to: http://server:5050/

Your system not in this list? On the forum there are a lot more guides.