.ignore files cleanup script?

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.ignore files cleanup script?

Postby twentyninehairs » 19 Apr 2016 00:16

I'm using blackhole settings to upload torrent files to a directory, then monitor another directory for the corresponding output.

This works ok for the most part, except for .ignore files are not deleted when the corresponding movie file is gone.

Does anybody know of a script (either python or bash or ???) I can call on to run every five minutes with cron or something that iterates through directories looking for .ignore files that are missing the original videos to delete?

I can write something to contribute when I get some time in the next month, but isn't there something out there that already exists so that I do not need to re-invent this wheel?

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Re: .ignore files cleanup script?

Postby Wob76 » 23 Jun 2016 08:43

Hi twentyninehairs,

Did you have any luck with this? Orphaned .ignore files are the only issue I currently have with CP.

I did turn off the scheduled renamer, it was then only renaming a movie after it was downloaded, i then had a find command running once a week to purge .ignore files and any empty directories.

This worked fine, except if I wanted CP to process a torrent I had manually downloaded, so I resorted back to letting the task run, but I can't run the find command as it purges .ignore even if the movie still exists, and then CP will reprocess the existing movies again.

I considered moving renaming to filebot, which I was using with flexget prior to the move to CP, but it seems redundant when CP has the ability to rename built in, I would like to see the need for .ignore removed, and some sort of internal db used to take renaming, filebot did this just with a text file.

I would love to know if you managed to tackle the problem.


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