Manage Move List - Limit?

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Manage Move List - Limit?

Postby capu57 » 05 Jun 2016 19:05

Is there a limit to how many movies you can have on your managed movie list? The first time I used the program it would stop counting at about 279. I recently made some changes to my synology nas and now it finds 300. The issue is I have close to 900. I have run both the Quick Refresh and Full Library Scan multiple times and it never discovers any movies. I will also add the other day I had 300 and not it is down to 299 even though I have download several new movies. My main annoyance is that it keeps suggest movies I already have.

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Re: Manage Move List - Limit?

Postby clinton.hall » 06 Jun 2016 12:22

Enable debug logging, restart and then do a full manage scan. There should be errors to explain why movies have been ignored.
CP can easily handle in excess of 900 movies, but it needs to have adequate permissions and needs to be able to identify all movies.

Usually, if permissions are not an issue, the most common reason is inadequate (for CP to identify) naming. You can try creating an nfo file for each movie that includes the imdb id (I had all movies identified in xbmc, so I used the option to export library as multiple files... otherwise media companion or similar may help.)

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Manage Move List Limit

Postby AaronMop » 14 Sep 2017 11:35

Unfortunately we do not have an updated list for compatible displays, however I can confirm both of these displays will work with the NHDev Development Board.
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