[APP][Android] PotatoCouch

So you made CouchPotato even more awsome?
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[APP][Android] PotatoCouch

Postby Reverb » 07 Jan 2016 22:18

PotatoCouch is a brand new CouchPotato app which allows you to manage your library.

We did our best to follow Google's Material Design guidelines to give you the best experience possible.
This app is in its early stages but expect weekly updates with new features. The following features are added to PotatoCouch:

✔️ Movie browsing (All, done, wanted, suggestions)
✔️ Add movies from suggestions
✔️ Search for movies to add
✔️ Adding movies from imdb
✔️ Watch trailers
✔️ Delete movies
✔️ Edit download quality

PotatoCouch allows you to use your CouchPotato credentials in order to connect to the server instead of using the API key found under the Advanced settings in CouchPotato.

Full screenshots can be found here.

Missing a feature or do you have a good idea? Shoot me a message.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... otatocouch

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Re: [APP][Android] PotatoCouch

Postby chaoticbeliever » 25 Oct 2018 17:05

Is the app being updated? Or is it just me not getting those updates.

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