api.couchpota.to not working?

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api.couchpota.to not working?

Postby mediaman » 13 Jan 2018 19:40

I've noticed the log is full of errors that all seem to relate to api.couchpota.to/info - I know the placement of the error happens after TMDB, but before I had TMDB enabled these errors were happening after api.couchpota.to url calls

And of course https://api.couchpota.to/info/tt0317248/?ignore=1 doesn't return parseable XML or JSON but instead simple says NOT FOUND with a 404 header - so its pretty obvious the error relates to this.

Here's the pastebin

I don't know why the stack trace leads to omdbapi.py when I would think its couchpotatoapi.py - so I'm a little confused there. The calls to omdbapi always seem to return properly formatted JSON 'Not founds'

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Re: api.couchpota.to not working?

Postby BlueFrog » 01 Mar 2018 00:52

I've noticed this as well, and it appears to kill automatically downloading movies.

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