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Read before posting

Postby jkaberg » 10 May 2012 17:30

CouchPotato Version 1 is no longer supported! If you have white-themed CouchPotato, you are NOT using the right version ;)

Couchpotato Version 2 is using Github as base for its issue tracking.


PLEASE include a debug log of the error when posting. Information for creating/posting a log is below:

- In CPS goto Settings, then check "Show advanced settings" in the right top corner below the buttons
- Check "Enable debugging" under General > Advanced.
- Restart CPS.
- Clear your log - via the Clear button at the bottom of the log screen
- Reproduce the error.
- Take a copy of your log file from the CouchPotatoServer data directory. This is in your user profile data directory (or %appdata%) by default, or else in the location specified in CPS settings (General > Advanced > Data Dir).
- Use to post your log and include the URL in your bug report.

The log file is stored by default in your profile directory (home, appdata, etc.) under couchpotato/logs. Or, you can cut and past from the Log screen within CP.

NOTE - Threads that are linked to existing bug reports will be tagged as such and moved to the Trash. This in no way diminishes their importance! They are simply being archived here to keep the forum clear for new issues.
Ensure you are using the latest version of source by re-downloading or using "update" by hovering over the version # in Settings > About.

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