Better quality (XXX) already available or snatched for XXX

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Better quality (XXX) already available or snatched for XXX

Postby pAweXJk96NbJ » 07 Jul 2018 19:31

Hi there,

I've been an on/off user of couchpotato for many years now. I don't download a lot of movies so, even though I think the software is a piece of art, I haven't dedicated much time trying to solve some issues I had over the years.

I'm not posting this as a bug report since I'm quite confidence this is a misunderstanding on how the soft works and how I think it works... I'm sure this has been reported before, but couldn't find it. Sorry.

So here it is...

I must not get how qualities work. For starters (again from my understanding) I fill that standard proposed qualities are backwards... For example if I look at HD. It starts looking for the lower HD resolution 720p, stops if it finds something and if not keeps looping for better ones like 1080p...

For me that is backwards. I fill I would like the best quality available so I start looking for the best possible quality and resort to lower ones if I can't find the best.

Also I mark the finish flag according to the quality I want get end with. For example If I configure a 4K profile I do is as follows:
Quality Finish 3D
20160p X

The intention is to find the best quality possible and if it downloads something below 4k don't stop searching.

But I'm getting some weird results with this configuration. For example I get a 1080p download and then, when it keeps searching if it finds something 20160p I get messages in the log like the following one:

Code: Select all

07-07 19:07:04 INFO [] Search for Spaceballs in 2160p ignoring ETA
07-07 19:07:04 INFO [] Better quality (1080p) already available or snatched for Spaceballs

And consequently no 4K download ever happens...

What am I doing wrong of what am I assuming wrongly? How does CP compare qualities that takes it to think 1080p is better than 2160p?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Best regards.

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