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Auto-scroll manage view

Postby Lennong » 06 Sep 2017 09:41

After upgrade hardware and installing Debian 9 I'm also looking onto updating Couchpotato. I have been on the older UI version until now because last time I tried the new UI it had no 'auto-scroll' function through the library. The scrolling down in "Manage" view forced me to click "load more movies" on every other page. The old UI allows me to scroll the whole collection when holding or scrolling the middle mouse wheel. When having 5000 movies this is really needed as I had to scroll and click "load more movies" like a zillion times in new UI instead of just keeping the mouse wheel 'spinning'. 5000 movies takes like an hour to sit and click manually for every page when I need edit/delete it..

How can this still be? You fellas out there with a couple thousand movies or more, when you are manually deleting a movie do you sit and click "load more movies" a zillion times before you can reach the movie in the list and edit or delete it??

Ca you give back that functionality to have the mouse wheel 'spinning' and the next page will auto load? Maybe even a search function so I can land on that movie directly and edit/delete it?

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