automation pull frequency ?

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Status: Offline automation pull frequency ?

Postby zedug » 25 Sep 2017 14:53

I have setup automation with my account and I'm wondering how often CP check for new additions on my wishlist.

I'm aware that at the bottom of the settings->automation page there's a "check every xx hours" setting, but I set it to 12 and I don't see anything in the logs -- and a movie added to my wishlist 3 days ago is not picked up by CP.

Am I missing something ?

Manually snatching the movie from with the Chrome extension works fine FWIW

running v 0a97ed5a from git on my QNAP NAS


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Re: automation pull frequency ?

Postby darkmagister » 28 Oct 2018 16:13

Hi, I have that issue too, also I've noticed that CP seems to read the watchlist from after a CP restart, so it's not an "automation" if I can not sink the two ....

Any solutions?

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