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Postby Thumper33 » 04 Apr 2018 19:36

I'm getting a couple errors, it automatically updated just a few days ago and I just noticed it's not snatching anymore. Here is the log...

"/etc/CouchPotatoServer/libs/CodernityDB/", line 43, in _inner res = f(*args, **kwargs) File "/etc/CouchPotatoServer/libs/CodernityDB/", line 917, in update _id, new_rev = self._update_indexes(_rev, data) File "/etc/CouchPotatoServer/libs/CodernityDB/", line 678, in _update_indexes _id, new_rev, db_data = self._update_id_index(_rev, data) File "/etc/CouchPotatoServer/libs/CodernityDB/", line 666, in _update_id_index raise RevConflict() RevConflict

04-04 13:14:14 ERROR
[chpotato.core.plugins.log] API log: {'file': u'https://HOST/couchpotato/static/scripts/combined.plugins.min.js?1509903894', 'message': u"chrome 64: \nUncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null", 'line': u'3038', 'page': u'https://HOST/couchpotato/log/', '_request': <couchpotato.api.ApiHandler object at 0x7fe6a54a8650>}

04-04 13:17:51 ERROR
[] Media with id "6989d78b00b647f299432580f6593f69" not found

I've had the 3rd error for a while and can't figure it out either.

More info:

Version 508cd1f7 (3/30/2018, 3:21:40 AM)
Updater git, develop
ID 24961
Directories /etc/CouchPotatoServer /home/vpn/.couchpotato
Startup Args []Namespace(config_file='/home/vpn/.couchpotato/settings.conf', console_log=False, daemon=False, data_dir=None, debug=False, pid_file='/home/vpn/.couchpotato/', quiet=False)

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