INFO: CouchPotato Versions

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INFO: CouchPotato Versions

Postby bengalih » 31 May 2012 23:00

There has been a lot of confusion on these forums (and elsewhere) regarding the different versions of CouchPotato. This thread serves to clear up the (mis)information.

Currently there are two versions of CouchPotato:

1) CouchPotato Version 1 - the original Potato
2) CouchPotato Version 2 - also known as CouchPotatoServer

Currently, Version 2 is the version available on the main website. There exists both a windows and OSX installer package as well a source install for OSX/windows/Linux.

Version 1 is no longer supported as we make the transition to v2.

The source can be obtained from the main github repository.

There is now a Windows Installer package. However, running from source is recommended if you want to be able to get updates quicker (sometimes weeks or months).
This simply means you will need to install a few dependencies (like Python). Here is a good install guide here for installing Version 2 on Windows from source.

How can I tell what version I am running:
Well, if you don't remember how you installed, the easiest way to tell is simply by looking at the interface.

If your interface is WHITE and has a "Coming Soon" menu, then you are on Version 1.

If your interface is GREY (maybe grey/blue on some monitors :) ) and does NOT have a "Coming Soon" menu, then you are on Version 2.

So, what is the difference between v1 and v2?

Well, Version 2 has the following:
  • A(lot) better search function - Many of the search providers have changed (gone away, revised their APIs, etc). Version 2 will be needed to access many of these.
  • Manager - updates existing movies in your library to better qualities
  • API Support - To integrate with other apps (e.g. most of the Android/iPhone apps use the v2 APIs.
  • Support and updates from Ruud (the developer) - This is of course the most important. Version 1 will no longer be supported.
    You can of course still use it, but there will be no more updates, and not a lot of effort put into supporting problems. This forum deals with supporting Version 2. Anything discussed should revolve around v2. If you have questions about v1, they should go here.

There are a few features of Version 1 that you will find missing in Version 2 ("Coming Soon" for instance). Most of what you could do in Version 1 is in Version 2, just in different places. I recommend you spend some time getting comfortable with the new interface and reading some of the forum posts before getting too excitable :)

Ruud is working hard to get the core functionality of v2 working 100% for a release. Once that is done, he will be able to add back in some of the still needed ancillary features of v1, as well as some new and exciting features. If you want to suggest new features, please use this forum.

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