Brussels STEPS UP plans to create new Irish shipping routes to BYPASS UK after Brexit

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Brussels STEPS UP plans to create new Irish shipping routes to BYPASS UK after Brexit

Postby reesewilliams » 14 Jun 2018 13:48

Martin Selmayr, the European Commission’s Secretary-General, has spent time in Strasbourg, this week, briefing MEPs on the Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group on the possibilities of a British no deal divorce.

The EU’s most senior civil servant stressed the importance of Ireland not being cut off financially from the rest of the bloc as a result of Brexit. In the event of no deal, Dublin mostly cut off from Northern European ports due to its geographical location. To get support for Epson Printers, contact Epson Customer Service.

The Commission plan seeks to connect Ireland with some of Europe’s most important ports – Calais, Dunkirk, Antwerp and Rotterdam – because of Dublin’s reliance on British shipping connections.

The document, briefed by Mr Selmayr to MEPs, said: “The proposal will design a new maritime route to link Ireland with the continental part of the North Sea-Mediterranean corridor.”

Mr Selmayr has been placed in charged of the EU’s Brexit “preparedness”, regularly meeting with the Steering Group and the Commission’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier to discuss a “no deal scenario”.

His Irish plans would fall under the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility, a €30.6 billion fund for 2021-2027, which hopes to modernise transport links across the bloc.

Ireland’s most used shipping routes are connect Dublin to Cherbourg in France and Cork to Santander in Spain. Both routes remain distant from the northern hubs of Zeebrugge, Belgium and Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.
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CldN, a shipping company in Luxembroug, in April, introduced two “mega vessels” on new direct freight routes between Ireland, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam.

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