Automatically Upgrade Existing Titles to x265/HEVC Releases

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Automatically Upgrade Existing Titles to x265/HEVC Releases

Postby bzowk » 28 Jul 2018 05:28

Hey Guys -

I love CouchPotato and have come back to it after trying Radarr and Watcher as it handles my extensive library much better than they do. There's a procedure I've been doing manually which has taken quite a while so wanted to post with a quick question, please.

Does anyone know of a way in CouchPotato, CouchPotato fork, a standalone script, or dedicated tool which scans a path for existing movies then searches for HEVC/x265 versions? If not CP, a big plus would be for it to obviously add any results to a download client. I already have CP's "Preferred" filter set to "x265, hevc", but that doesn't help existing titles. It would be ideal to have x254/HEVC be an actual CP Quality.

I run all OSs, so feel free to suggestion anything you which I could consider. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Note: Encoding my existing copies would be great except despite having decent CPU, an average title would take it running 100% for 24-48 hours per title. Still, I do have a couple of spare systems so if anyone knows of a script / tool which would automatically encode then replace existing titles; that may work too. I've played with Handbrake scripts, but it's getting the rest of the automation that takes time to get right. Thanks

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Re: Automatically Upgrade Existing Titles to x265/HEVC Releases

Postby boatguypat » 28 Aug 2018 21:55

Great idea - i would use this. Why don't you put this in feature requests?

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