Put.io not downloading form PUT.IO to CouchPotato

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Put.io not downloading form PUT.IO to CouchPotato

Postby psBigPapa » 14 Sep 2018 14:39


I did try to search for this here locally first -- but searching for PUT.IO sprouts an error that it's two common words togather, and therefore continually omits those words from my search. So please forgive me if this is a redundent question.

I set up Put.io on my couch potato setup. Configured the OAuth token, and to my surprise it immediately downloaded a torrent to put.io.

My log files of couch potato only indicate (over and over ever 1 minute in the log) that the file was successfully downloaded. HOwever, I can't see any activity that indicates it's trying to move the file from put.io to my couch potato media files. I've verified that I've checked the options to download and delete from put.io. I've also put in my directory where I want the file to be place on my server. I selected my inbox folder for the couch potato renamer... which makes sense as once this is downloaded it needs to be massaged and renamed into my library.

But nothing happens past it being downloaded onto put.io... I"ve been resorting to manually downloading the file(s) from put.io and then manually putting them where I want them to go on my system.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.


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