Movies downloading, but getting a weird file extension

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Movies downloading, but getting a weird file extension

Postby abcdefghii » 20 Dec 2016 16:07

A couple days ago I set up Couch Potato on my PC, linked it up with SABNzb and started trying to download a couple movies. After a few hiccups getting it to connect with SAB, I noticed that it was now working and downloading fine. However, when the movie completed downloading and gets moved by Couch Potato. The file ends up with an extension of "NextaCoUp". The file size matches what should have downloaded, it's renamed as expected, yet has this weird extension and so does not work.

If I use Sonarr to download a TV show, it downloads fine via SAB and gets the correct file extension. So, the problem only appears with Couch Potato. As far as I can tell I have nothing unusual in the settings, renaming is set to <namethe> (<year>) files get moved from a download folder to a movies folder. Pretty basic install, so why am I getting odd extensions that refuse to work?

Edit: So, figured it out myself.... after looking into the log and noticing that the rename was working fine but not adding the extension back in I searched around some and found I simply needed to add <ext> to the end of <namethe> (<year>) and now it is working fine.

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Re: Movies downloading, but getting a weird file extension

Postby chambers » 11 Aug 2018 00:15

thanks for the post, as I also was getting the same issue, and at the very moment I have added it to my rename list so hopefully when my download is finished then it should also have the right file extension.

side note. what a dump bit of software that removed the file extension from a File and not replace it, or even tells you that you will need to add the <ext> field to the string

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