Use different path in notifications

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Use different path in notifications

Postby LethalCorpse » 06 Mar 2017 05:14

My install of cp and my downloader are on the same Linux machine, so a far as they're concerned my movie folder is /volume1/Movies. My kodi install is on a Windows machine, so as far as it's concerned the path to my movies is \\servername\Movies.

If cp notifies kodi of a new movie, it can't recognise the path, so it has to do a full library scan to find the new movie. With a large library and a slow computer, this takes a very long time.

Can you add a field in notifications for an alternate path to the movie folder, for use in notifications instead of the path that cp uses? Eg if cp downloads a new movie to /volume1/Movies/Movie Name (2016) it will send a notification to kodi that a new movie had been downloaded to \\servername\Movies\Movie Name (2016)

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